Photo by Anna Tarazevich:

Architectural Salvage

Discover the vibrant world of architectural salvage near Langport. Reclamation yards offer unique finds for Heritage and Conservation projects.

These yards and markets buy and sell architectural parts from demolished buildings.

Find handmade period pieces instead of mass-produced items. Whether it’s reclaimed bricks or vintage library ladders, your local yard has it. Speak to enthusiastic experts who source specific items for buyers.

It may take time, but they know where to find what you need. Explore well-organized yards with knowledgeable owners. They have vintage signs, reclaimed timbers, and historic flagstones. Unlock treasures at our favourite salvage yards and markets near Langport and transform your projects with timeless pieces.

(in no particular order)

Now that you have that one-off piece or handmade materials, you can pat yourself on the back. Not only are you enhancing your building but you are also being green at the same time. Win/win all round!

Photo courtesy of ©Anna Tarazevich.

Posted on March 7, 2024