Listed Building Consent for a 15th century Manor Farmhouse in Somerset.

Planning for 15th Century Manor Farmhouse

O2i Design team have just secured Planning and Listed Building Consent for a truly historic farm. The project is based within the curtilage of a 15th Century Manor Farmhouse and a Grade I listed building. Dendrochronology* experts have dated timbers on-site between 1238 and 1411, making this one of the oldest buildings we have worked on.

Our client commissioned the O2i Design team to help create a new home in an existing and dilapidated barn. You can imagine our excitement. This means that the next generation of farmers now has somewhere to live on site.

*Dendrochronology is the process of dating archaeological artefacts using the distinctive patterns of annual growth rings in timber.

Posted on February 8, 2022 by Andrea Pyle