Listed Building Consent for a 15th century Manor Farmhouse in Somerset.

Planning for a Historic Manor Farm

The O2i Design team recently secured Planning and Listed Building Consent to restore a barn within a historic 15th Century Manor Farm.

Located within the curtilage of a 15th-century Manor Farmhouse and a Grade I listed building, this project holds immense historical significance. Dendrochronology** experts meticulously dated on-site timbers, revealing a timeline spanning from 1238 to 1411. These findings solidify the project’s status as one of our oldest sites.

Commissioned by our client, we embark on transforming a dilapidated barn into a new home, preserving heritage and providing housing for future farming generations on-site. The farm is a modern and forward-thinking farm that is transitioning to agroecology, reimagining a new small farm future where farms feed people justly rather than via an extractive, cumbersome, and commodified food system.

**Dendrochronology, analyzing growth ring patterns, offers crucial insights into dating archaeological artefacts, enriching our understanding of the site’s history.

Posted on February 8, 2022