Cider Farm Visitors Centre - O2i Design Consultants Discover how O2i Design have worked with this Somerset farming family to create a welcoming Cider Farm Visitors Centre for traditional cider enthusiasts.

Visitor Centre for Somerset Cider Farm


The O2i Design team takes pride in designing a new and distinctive building for a Somerset cider farm, nestled in a traditional orchard.

Renowned for its apples and cider, this farm will be able to invite guests to immerse themselves in cider-making, savour refreshing ciders, and partake in farm events, live music days and tours. Situated in cider country, the farm boasts a heritage steeped in apple growing and cider production.

Through close collaboration with the farm owners, the O2i Design team has created a welcoming space for cider enthusiasts. This family business in South Somerset produces award-winning ciders from its scenic orchards. They eagerly anticipate sharing their cider-making journey with visitors through this newly envisioned space. To see further commercial examples of our work, please take a look here.