Dutch Barn Conversion

High Ham, Somerset

A rare conversion of a redundant Dutch barn and farm store into holiday accommodation to increase the diversification of the farm.  This Dutch barn conversion is one of only a few of this type in the South West and it generates much interest from visitors. This interest was created because the building remains true to the aesthetic of the original building and agricultural setting.

The barrel-vaulted roof had to be replaced so curved timber roof trusses were specially fabricated by a local timber supplier and covered with ply sheets to create the correct continuous curve.  The zinc roof panels were formed to a radius off site then quickly fixed into place, giving a streamlined appearance to the roof whilst maintaining its agricultural feel. The result is a beautiful roof that perfectly suits the building form and location while being cost effective and relatively quick to install.

This means that the performance of the wall exceeds the minimum standards of the Building Regulations, but traditional trades and techniques could be used to complete the construction. The main part of the building was then wrapped in locally sourced vertical timber cladding, while the full-length lean-to on the back of the barn has a fair faced terracotta brick outer skin.