Listed Timber Barn Conversion


Inside this 17th-century agricultural building, architect Geoffrey Pyle and his team created an astonishing family home.

The design, created with Duncan Pyle, blends the historical structure with a thoroughly contemporary style. The frame of the building, a Grade II-listed structure, was constructed of rough oak; to offset the character of the timber, Pyle has used concrete and glass throughout. A further example of this balance is the restored thatched roof, now pierced with a bank of skylights that enable the interior of the property to be flooded with light.

The house was loosely arranged as two halves on either side of a dramatic double-height hallway with poured concrete floors and large glass sliding doors that open out onto the garden. On either side of the house was a first-floor reception room, one that is lighter and more open and another that is more enclosed.

This project was featured in the book “Barns: Living in Converted and Reinvented Spaces”  (2004) by Dominic Bradbury