An innovative Therapy Centre designed by O2i Design for a prominent national charity. Design solutions to support children in reaching their full potential.
O2i Design team supported the senior management team of this national charity in preparing a proposal for a Therapy Centre building.

O2i Design Creates a Therapy Centre for National Charity

United Kingdom

The O2i Design team worked on an innovative Therapy Centre for a national charity. Our team collaborated closely with senior management to craft a compelling proposal for a bespoke facility dedicated to empowering children through specialised therapy programmes. The envisioned centre tailors to the charity’s unique needs, offering a modular design allowing flexibility, adaptability to various sites, and future expansion. Despite challenges in securing a suitable location, our designers remain committed to creating a space that fosters growth and innovation in therapy services.

Our comprehensive approach integrates strategic planning with a keen understanding of the charity’s objectives and the evolving therapy care landscape. The proposed facility should be capable of scaling alongside funding opportunities, ensuring the functionalities remain intact while accommodating future growth.

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