Somerset Cider Farm

Somerset Cider Farm - O2i Design Consultants Explore this unique building in Somerset's cider country. Sample ciders, join events, and tours. Family-owned, award-winning cider makers share their craft.

We’ve enjoyed designing a unique building for a Somerset cider farm, nestled amidst picturesque orchards.

Renowned for its apples and cider, this farm will host our latest venture, inviting visitors to explore cider-making, sample exquisite ciders, and join farm events and tours.

Located in cider country, this family-owned farm has a rich heritage of apple cultivation and cider production. Through close collaboration with the owners, the O2i Design team has ensured a welcoming space for cider enthusiasts. This family business in South Somerset is proud to create award-winning ciders from its beautiful orchards. They eagerly look forward to sharing their cider-making journey with visitors through this newly envisioned space.

Author: Andrea Pyle
Categories: Commercial, Latest News