Somerset Cider Farm

Somerset Cider Farm - O2i Design Consultants Explore this unique building in Somerset's cider country. Sample ciders, join events, and tours. Family-owned, award-winning cider makers share their craft.

We’ve enjoyed designing a unique building for a Somerset cider farm, nestled amidst picturesque orchards.

Renowned for its apples and cider, this farm will host our latest venture, inviting visitors to explore cider-making, sample exquisite ciders, and join farm events and tours.

Located in cider country, this family-owned farm has a rich heritage of apple cultivation and cider production. Through close collaboration with the owners, the O2i Design team has ensured a welcoming space for cider enthusiasts. This family business in South Somerset is proud to create award-winning ciders from its beautiful orchards. They eagerly look forward to sharing their cider-making journey with visitors through this newly envisioned space.

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Two newbuilds in Langport

Contemporary Dwellings in Langport by O2i Design - A Modern Oasis by the River Parrett

Two new homes in Langport are nearing completion. Designed by Duncan Pyle, these contemporary dwellings are situated on the edge of this popular town.

The three-storey steel frame for these newbuilds was fabricated and cut to the correct length offsite. The steels were assembled and welded/bolted on site to build the final structure. Steel frame construction is considered a suitable option for constructing taller buildings due to its strength, low weight, speed of construction, and large-span construction capability.

The modern design makes the most of the location, with large windows and balconies. The buildings’ large windows frame stunning views over the Somerset Levels and ensure that each floor is flooded with daylight. Surrounded by green open space, these modern homes are light and airy.  The large private balconies make the most of the location, which offers far-reaching views over the River Parrett. These two newbuilds are situated in a tucked-away position yet close to all local amenities and only a short walk from Langport’s bustling high street.



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Architectural Salvage

Salvage and Reclamation Yards

Architectural salvage is big business today, and it is no surprise. Reclamation yards are the go-to places for unique finds. We often specify reclaimed items for Heritage and Conservation projects. The right materials or products will make all the difference to your project’s look, feel and integrity.
There are several immensely helpful yards not far from Langport. There is nowhere better than an architectural (or marine) salvage yard for all those hard-to-find building materials and statement pieces! Salvage or reclamation yards buy and sell architectural parts and materials recovered from demolished or disused buildings. Why would you buy a mass-produced item when you could buy a handmade period piece for the same price? Whether you are looking for reclaimed bricks or a vintage library ladder, look no further than your local reclamation yard.
Of course, finding that specialist item will take time and money but speak to these enthusiastic experts. These specialists source particular items for buyers all the time. It may take a while to locate the right article, but, in our experience, they will usually know someone who can and sometimes, you have to be patient! These yards are well organised. The owner will know exactly where to find that particular “thing” you are looking for among the vintage signs, reclaimed timbers, bricks and flagstones. They know their stock better than anyone.
Here are a few of our favourites …

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